Lockdown Gallery – week 3

April 6 to April 13

Weather: Spring is back! The wind has switched to a sweet southerly and is blowing warm, mostly sunny skies our way.

Maggie Youdan is our first contributor for this week

Judith Ladley offers some fine plants we haven’t seen so far this spring. and a statue glowing in the sunshine

Carine has found that the idea of virtual garden visiting is catching on. This BBC link shows that the big hitters are getting in on the act! We thought of it first – of course..

Tuesday morning’s sunshine brought out the best in these new blooms for your editor, Brian Hackett

Carine Carson’s long anticipated lasagne tulip bowl has bloomed, but someone has blundered! Instead of the pink tulips she ordered, something else has been supplied. She says “My tulips,which I believed to be a strong pink, are lemon and a very untulip like shape. It might be some time before I’m attempting a lasagne again! They look better on close up but hardly make you think tulip!

Kate van Heel’s sunny garden always seems weeks ahead of ours – tadpoles? We only got frogspawn yesterday!

If you’ve read Sue Gray’s excellent blog, you’ll know all about her Amelanchier, featured here in all its glory

Here are two reliable spring blooms from Terry Benton in Wiltshire. The hardest thing about Bowles’s Mauve is spelling the name..

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