Kathy’s Quiz: no 2

Every week during the Lockdown, W Yorks HPS member Kathy Howard will produce a horticultural quiz to keep our minds fresh. The answers (no cheating please!) will be attached to the following week’s quiz questions.

For answers to Quiz one, click here

Say what each of these groups have in common, horticulturally

1. Dorothy Perkins, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lord Byron

2. Sir Nicholas Bacon, Thomas Andrew Knight, Elizabeth Banks, Sir Simon Hornby

3. Percy Thrower, Arthur Billitt, Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarsh

4. Kim Wilde, Jonathan Price, Gordon Sumner (sting), George Harrison 

5. Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Raymond Booth, Anne Pratt, Marianne North

6. Mrs Bradshaw, Lady Stratheden, Emory Quinn, Stevie Nicks

7. John Rowland, Groundskeeper Willie, Mr McGregor, Samwise Gamgee

8. Kate Moss, Mavis Simpson, Alan Mayes, Ann Folkard

9. King William, Aeolus, Arethusa, Bellona

10. Estella Rijnveld, Prinses Irene, Irene Parrot, Jan Reus

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