Kathy’s Quiz: no 3

Every week during the Lockdown, W Yorks HPS member Kathy Howard will produce a horticultural quiz to keep our minds fresh. The answers (no cheating please!) will be attached to the following week’s quiz questions.

For answers to quiz two, click here

This week’s quiz is a match the event to the year!

Choose the correct date from this list for each event

  1. 1637
  2. 1716
  3. 1840
  4. 1943
  5. 1957
  6. 1968
  7. 1998
  8. 2001
  9. 2013
  10. 2019

1. Chelsea Flower Show temporarily lifts its ban on garden gnomes.

2. The Eden Project’s full site opens to the public

3. Certain single tulip bulbs sell for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftworker.

4. First series of ‘Gardeners World’ is broadcast from Oxford Botanical Gardens

5. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew first opens its doors to the public

6. Beth Chatto’s  ‘A life with plants‘ is published

7. Britain sees the number of allotments double to 1,400,000

8. The ‘Hardy Plant Society’ is formed

9. Capability Brown, son of a land agent and a chambermaid, is born

10. Thompson and Morgan purchase the world’s first black hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystique’ bulb for £50,000

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