Lockdown Gallery – week 5

April 20 to April 26

Weather: Still dry – very much the theme of April 2020, with bright blue skies tempered by an easterly wind

Judith Ladley starts off week 5

Another Judith – this is Judith Edmond’s first time in the Lockdown Gallery – welcome!

Sue Gray makes a welcome return, including some plants from David Barnes’ garden

Terry Benton is back with some more bee flowers

Carine Carson has a very classy pear tree, with an even classier name

Prunus Padua ‘Le Thoureil’ – the label says ‘the small white flowers are followed by small black fruits sometimes in summer with ‘fabulous’ autumn clout in shades of red, orange and gold.’ So that is why I bought it – small garden and several seasons of interest

Remember Nette Bricker-Barrett from Massachusetts complaining that her garden is so brown, compared to ours? Well it isn’t brown anymore, but…

Not brown anymore! Snow in Massachusetts

Your editor, Brian Hackett, has also been trying his hand at a lasagne tulip bowl. Also, some lovely acid greens and the first flower of the water hawthorn

John and Joyce Kenny present this lovely Erythronium ‘Joanna’, as featured in April’s Plant of the Month.

Erythronium ‘Joanna’

Another excellent and varied selection from Diane Rawnsley, with a mystery plant at the end. My guess is Lunaria rediviva, the perennial honesty – let us know your thoughts!

Here’s an interesting idea from Pat Hunter – all the different Peonies in her garden, taken on the same day, showing their great variety

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