Kathy’s Quiz: no 5 – Answers

Match the plant to the description

1.  “compact umbels of tiny flowers surrounded by a rosette of showy bracts”  Astrantia 

2. “glossy, elliptic leaves and pendant, tubular or bell-shaped flowers”  Polygonatum 

3. “bell-shaped flowers with spreading, coloured sepals and petals with spurs” Aquilegia

4. “pinnately lobed leaves and saucer-shaped flowers in loose clusters”  Geum

5. “linear to strap-shaped leaves and bell-shaped or star-shaped blue, violet or white flowers”   Hyacinthoides 

6. “star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in an umbel on a leafless stem”  Allium

7. “small blue, pink or white flowers in profuse axillary or terminal clusters”  Ceanothus

8. “rounded clusters of star-shaped white or pink flowers on tall stems, before the leaves”  Darmera

9. “with small, usually very fragrant tubular, 4-lobed flowers”  Daphne

10. “clump-forming perennials with attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately lobed leaves” Heuchera

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