Kathy’s Quiz: no 6

Every week during the Lockdown, W Yorks HPS member Kathy Howard will produce a horticultural quiz to keep our minds fresh. The answers (no cheating please!) will be published alongside the following week’s quiz questions.

Click here for answers to Quiz 5

This week’s quiz is based on plants and their uses. Give either the botanical or common English name 

1. Which flower did early Christians place around statues of Mary as an offering, instead of gold coins, and is sold in large quantities in India to make garlands? 

2. Sloe gin is flavoured using fruits from which shrub? 

3. The flowers from which plant are used to flavour the sweets gulab jamun and Turkish delight?

4. Which plant produces ‘digoxin’, used to treat heart conditions? 

5. The candied stalk of which plant is used to decorate cakes and biscuits?

6. Which flower is the scent of Christian Dior’s ‘Diorissimo’ based on, and was also included in, Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet?

7. The seed heads of which plant were used to ‘raise the nap’ in cloth making?

8. Which highly poisonous plant’s Latin name derives from its past cosmetic use in dilating women’s pupils?

9. Cricket bats are traditionally made using wood from which tree?  

10. Which dye was historically extracted from the plant Ysatis tinctoria?

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