Lockdown Gallery – week 8

May 11th to May 17th

Weather: Last week ended in sultry summer sun, but all that has been blown away by a cold north-easterly. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May!

Ann Fritchley opens week eight with some handsome irises

Preston Harrison is back with another great selection

Judith Ladley is next. That Peltaria reminds me – it was lovely to see Gill Evans getting an honourable mention in this month’s Gardening Which for giving a Peltaria to Bob Brown, of Cotswold Garden Flowers (ed)

Kate van Heel is here again!

Pat Hunter has been busy with a Lockdown project

Being sick of Woodpigeons, rabbits and caterpillars eating the veg, and with a bit more time, I started construction. Bought the netting, bought 2 lots of hoops and reused 2 others. Used the sewing machine and made the covers. Brassicas were already sown, radish, beetroot,lettuce, peas and parsnips sown. All looking good. Sorry wildlife lovers, they will have to go elsewhere.

Ann Lowe needs help to identify a new arrival

And here are the latest blossoms in the Hackett garden

And here are the new arrivals in Terry Benton’s garden in Wiltshire

John & Joyce Kenny are next

I’m very pleased to welcome a first contribution to the Gallery from Katherine Hill

Pat Inman is back with some magnificent Euphorbias – and that cracking Hebe that so many seem to love – for good reason

And here’s another fine display from our Chair, Sue Gray (I know she will want me to say ‘Chairman’, but I just can’t do it…)

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery – week 8

  1. You’re right Brian, I do not consider myself an inanimate wooden object, even if others do, but you are excused. Chairman Sue.


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