Lockdown Gallery – week 13

June 15th to June 21st

Weather: Finally the cold, wet spell ended and warm sunshine took its place – albeit with plenty of showers

Ann Fritchley leads us off this week with a handsome Crinodendron and a dire warning for trespassers!

Liz Hall has been facing up to some fasciation!

Pat Hunter is back with a couple of lovely Roscoeas, among other beauties

Our Wiltshire correspondent, Terry Benton, may have been sold a pup…

A big welcome to the Gallery for first-timer Katherine Hill

Diane Rawnsley is back with the last of the late Camellias!

Maggie Sugden’s selection includes a sumptuous dark lily

Last week’s weather didn’t help many plants in the Hackett garden, but here’s a selection of those which are still unbowed

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery – week 13

  1. Terry, I am no expert on salvias, but your salvia looks very like one of mine. Mine is Salvia Gregii “Blue Note” and it does have very fragrant, even pungent, leaves. I managed to keep it over winter in a cold greenhouse and it has thrown up lots of shoots from below soil level. Judith E


    • Thanks Judith. When I looked on the web the nearest match I could find was “Blue Note”. Everything you say fits. Mine survives over winter in a pot in a sheltered spot and it gets plenty of interest from bees. I cut it right back in spring and it soon grows again.


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