Lockdown Gallery – week 15

June 29th to July 5th

Weather: Low pressure rules – wet and windy weather dominates, with below average temperatures

Pat Gore leads the way with her first submission – including a potential new rose and a ‘potty’ question for you

Ann Fritchley is back with a fine way to light up a corner

Maggie Youdan just beat the rain with these pictures

Preston Harrison’s submission includes a fine lavender hedge

Maggie Sugden’s flowers have caught the light beautifully

Katherine Hill returns after her first entry two weeks ago – here’s how to train your dragon

Diane Rawnsley is delighted to be deer-free this year!

Terry Benton offers some wide Wiltshire vistas this week

Denise Dyson needs a name for a plant she hates

Liz Hall demonstrates the best way to enjoy sweet peas in this week’s weather!

Pat Inman is struggling with some identity issues – can you help?

Late June represents the height of Hackett horticultural aspiration, so more than usual from me this week!

5 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery – week 15

  1. Vertigro, the nursery outside York on the road to Malton have crates to receive your unwanted pots. You can also take pots from their collection if you want some.

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  2. Denise – the climber is Lonicera henryi. I have also made the mistake of planting this as it is very vigorous and I spend most of the time hacking it back. I think I chose it as it’s evergreen.


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