Plants and People

by Judith Ladley

Judith’s Tussie Mussie

Some HPS members be may be aware that the Friday Forum Group which meets at Paxton Hall twice a month is currently holding a Zoom meeting in place of our usual entertainment, initiated by our champion blogger  Mrs Linda Casper.   Last week members were asked to show a small bunch (or tussie mussie) comprising 3-5 flowers.   I chose the following (which is where the people enter this article).

Linaria purpurea in 3 shades: pale pink, bluey purple and an attractive cerise specimen, not often seen, originally bought from Maureen Iddon.  Many of you will know Jackie, her daughter, but I wonder whether you remember Maureen – a lovely lady and a great nurserywoman.

Euphorbia stricta an attractive small growing lime green plant with red stems.  This plant was a favourite of Eleanor Fisher, a very knowledgeable plant lady and a super lecturer.

Galactites tomentosa an annual thistle with variegated foliage, originally purchased on my first visit to Beth Chatto’s nursery but I rather think it came from the nursery of Mrs Desmond Underwood (an impressive name from the past).

An Ammi that self-seeded in my greenhouse.

Sadly my arrangement did not appear on the Zoom screen – I couldn’t get the camera to work!

Judith Ladley

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