Lockdown Gallery – week 21

August 10th to August 16th

Weather: Finally a really warm week, but blighted by thunder storms

Diane Rawnsley returns. She has had to go back to work, which means less time in her wonderful garden, and fewer submissions to the gallery. Looks like the garden is still thriving though!

Liz Hall shows us how her garden has changed since it was filmed in June. I see that Rosa ‘Schoolgirl’ is still going strong!

Pat Gore’s garden is rich in summer fruits as well as flowers

Phlox and Hydrangea are among the plants featured in Preston Harrison’s submission this week

Kate van Heel’s pictures include a Begonia with remarkable foliage

Maggie Sugden has been to Breezy Knees! If anyone has any pictures from that nursery, or other local ones, it would be nice to see them in the Gallery

Terry Benton is focussing on some old favourites that came with his Wiltshire home

Pat Hunter is first to respond to the call for pictures of gardens we visit, in addition to our own. These images are from a visit to Stone House Cottage near Kidderminster. She says: “This is a true plantslady’s garden, so much I have never seen, but quite a bit I know would never grow here.The towers were all built by her partner(some now have seen better days). You can go up one which gives a good overview of the garden.There are a couple of colour themed areas as well as an orchard, shade borders a plenty, raised beds, obviously lots to clothe the walls. It is a plantsperson’s delight!”

The Hackett garden is also enjoying some proper summer sun at last

1 thought on “Lockdown Gallery – week 21

  1. I visited Norton Conyers over the weekend. I can’t send photos as they are on my phone (technology is beyond me!)but can highly recommend the garden. Not many visitors and some lovely plants. There is a very fine Salvia border amongst other pleasures.

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