Lockdown Gallery – week 22

August 17th to August 23th

Weather: The heatwave has gone – leaving a week of sunshine and heavy showers

Kathy Howard has treated herself to a macro lens attachment for her mobile phone. Recently, she took it down the road to Joyce and John Kenny’s garden – Woodroyd – and created some beautiful close-up images

Next a double header from Denise Dyson – the first set are from her own garden, the second batch were taken during a visit to Joan Grimshaw

And here is the second set. Denise says, “I had a cup of tea with Joan Grimshaw in her lovely newly-made garden and took the attached photos

Judith Ladley has also been garden visiting. These pictures are from Duncan Townend’s garden in Rothwell

Sue Gray has tamed that tricky Wild Swan

Our day trip to John Massey’s garden was one of the many summer treats that had to be cancelled this year, but Pat Hunter has glimpsed that earthly paradise from the far bank of the Staffs & Worcester Canal. Hopefully we’ll get to the other side next summer!

Terry Benton is anticipating some fine pears this autumn

Excitement was caused in the Hackett garden this week by the first flower on Codonopsis grey-wilsonii. This delicate climber is named after Christopher Grey-Wilson – some of us heard him speak a couple of years ago at the East Yorkshire lecture day at Bishop Burton.

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