Lockdown Gallery – week 28

September 28th to October 4th

This is the final week of our 2020 Lockdown Gallery. We hope you have enjoyed seeing what’s going on in other members’ gardens, even if you haven’t been able to visit them in person. Massive thanks to all those who contributed pictures or supported the Gallery by enjoying it!

Over the winter, we welcome pictures or articles about anything that you think will be of interest to your friends in WYHPS. Hopefully, we won’t be needing a Lockdown Gallery 2021, but if we do…

Weather: Much like last week – A dry warm start, turning cool, wet and windy from midweek. It’s autumn!

The Lockdown Gallery’s most regular contributor has been, without a doubt, Preston Harrison, who has sent pictures from his delightful garden every fortnight. For this last week, he is in contemplative mood – looking forward to the colours of autumn by looking back to October 2019

We haven’t seen Judith Ladley’s garden for a few weeks now, but clearly it does well in September, to judge from this fine contribution!

I’m delighted to welcome Brian Denison to the gallery – and I think he’s found a plant we haven’t seen before!

Sue Gray has been a regular contributor – I don’t know where she finds space for so many rare and interesting gems!

Throughout the season, HPS member Terry Benton has sent us pictures from his Wiltshire garden, providing an interesting comparison with the state of play in West Yorkshire. Here’s his end of term round up.

Well there’s not much in the Hackett garden that hasn’t already been dragged in front of the camera for Gallery duty, so here’s a few you’ve seen before, but in different combinations, in the hope of getting away with it….

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery – week 28

  1. Brian thank you so much for lifting all our spirits on a weekly basis and this final week did not disappoint. Thank you also to everyone who contributed – I have loved looking at your gardens and all your interesting and stunning combinations. It has been so interesting and exciting to get a glimpse into gardens I have never been to visit. Inspiring in so many ways.

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