Desert Island Plants: Maggie Sugden

1 Melittis melissophyllum ‘Royal Velvet Distinction

This is a plant I have had a long time and it has moved house twice. Very reliable and a prolific flowerer in spring.

Melittis melissophyllum ‘Royal Velvet Distinction’

2 Paeonia ‘Buckeye Bell

I bought this from Binny’s Plants when I went with ‘The Gardeniers’ (our little gardening visiting group) up to an HPS AGM in Scotland many years ago. Again it moved house in 2012.

Paeonia ‘Buckeye Belle’

3 Rosa ‘Guinee

A beautiful rose that flowers all summer. It was formerly on a wall that is now inside as we had an extension in 2018. It has taken well and flowered in its new position. (Sorry – no picture available for this one)

4 Rosa ‘Wollerton Old Hall

A special rose bought when we visited the hall on our HPS holiday

Rosa ‘Wollerton Old Hall’

5 Hosta ‘George Smith

Another plant that moves with me, George Smith is a famous flower arranger who lives in Heslington near York. I have visited his beautiful garden a number of times and bought this on one of my early visits.

Hosta ‘George Smith’

6 Galanthus plicatus ‘Wendy’s Gold

A beautiful yellow one that cost the earth. I bought it at Primrose Bank nursery in 2019, when they opened for their snowdrops A super day and will go again when I can.

Galanthus plicatus ‘Wendy’s Gold’

7 Delphinium ‘Alice Artindale

An unusual delphinium that I got from either Liz or Jackie Giles. I have tried it a few times but it likes where it is and is now flourishing.

Delphinium ‘Alice Artindale’

8 Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca

A wonderful winter shrub, I bought this a few years ago for this garden.

Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca

I have had it in others and bought it because Gill Evans always brought it to the Plant Forums and I loved it. It is also perfumed.

9 Prunus serrula

This is small tree that has the most wonderful bark It needs to be positioned where it receives a backlit sun Spectacular.

Prunus serrula

10 Daphne tangutica Retusa Group

Bought at Harrogate Show in 2001. Again moved house with me. Transplanted well and the pink flowers begin in spring and go through the summer.

Daphne tangutica Retusa Group

All images courtesy of Maggie Sugden, except Prunus, Daphne, Coronilla & Hosta which are from the HPS Image Library

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  1. Love your scented selections Maggie, your Daphne looks enticing and you’ve reminded me that I should have coronilla on my wanted list!

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