Lockdown Gallery 21- week 12

May 17th to May 23rd

Weather: The cool showery spell continues

Maggie Sugden is back again, still finding flowers in this substandard spring!

And in the Hackett garden, there are some soggy blooms too

Amanda Fincham says she had to go back and take all these again, because there were too many raindrops on them the first time!

Judith Ladley surveys the queue of plants awaiting a space – and wants to see a favourite restored to York Gate

Judith Edmonds says that the cool damp weather has made her tulips last for at least three weeks – she leads off with two Sarah Raven tulip mixtures

Sue Gray was burning the midnight oil on Sunday to get these beauties through to the Gallery in time!

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery 21- week 12

  1. A very long time ago! my brother and I were lucky enough to be taken round York gate by Sybil Spencer and have a cup of tea with her on the terrace. Talk about being on our best behaviour. Definitely milk first into the china cups.
    At that time the Welsh poppies were in the garden but she preferred the double orange and pulled out anything else before it set seed. These went into the woven ‘weed baskets’ strategically placed around the garden for later collection.

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