Covid-19 – the current position

In accordance with Government Guidelines, the Committee has arranged a summer programme which includes garden visits, a day trip and a summer holiday, though the trip and the holiday may have to be offered to reduced numbers.

We are currently planning to re-instate meetings at Paxton Hall from September 2021, though this decision may have to be reviewed if Coronavirus numbers rise or Government restrictions are changed. The Committee is devising a means of operating these meetings in such a way as to reduce risk as far as possible, whilst still allowing members to enjoy the experience.

Please see the 2021 programme for details.

If you renewed your membership for 2020 and feel that, so far, it has not represented good value for money, fear not – we will regard 2020/21 as one membership year and will not ask for a further sub in 2021.

Regarding our Magic of Plants Conference, scheduled for May 2021, the Committee reluctantly decided it must be cancelled.   All our booked speakers have been very understanding and supportive of our decision, so we just need to look forward to being able to reinstate the Conference at some time in the future.

3rd August 2021