Covid-19 – the current position

The Committee has taken the reluctant decision to extend cancellation of all events at Paxton Hall through 2020 and into the early months of 2021. A programme of Zoom talks has been arranged for the winter season. We will update members regarding plans beyond that time as soon we have clarification on a safe and achievable way forward.

If you renewed your membership for 2020 and feel that, so far, it has not represented good value for money, fear not – we will regard 2020/21 as one membership year and will not ask for a further sub in 2021.

Regarding our Magic of Plants Conference, scheduled for May 2021, the Committee has reluctantly decided it must be cancelled. We felt that, although May 2021 might still seem a long way off, we could not be sure that we would either be able to arrange such an event, or that we would get enough participants to make it viable.  All our booked speakers have been very understanding and supportive of our decision, so we just need to look forward to being able to reinstate the Conference at some time in the future.

The Committee will also endeavour to rearrange both the Holiday and the Day Trip for the same time next year, if they can be enjoyed in safety.

4th December 2020