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12th November (Friday) – A Talk by Timothy Walker

 To be held at Paxton Hall

Two for the Price of One!

Timothy Walker

The talk will commence at 7.30pm – guidelines for Covid safety during Paxton Hall meetings can be found here

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The Lockdown Gallery – week by week

During last summer Lockdown, we invited people to send us pictures from their gardens, so that we could see how they were growing, even if we couldn’t go in person. The Gallery ran from the end of March to the end of September 2020. Now the Gallery is back for 2021! Click below to see the latest entries

Desert Island Plants

Suppose you had to move to a desert island – what plants would you take with you?

Alright, in a more realistic scenario, what if you had to move to a house with a very small garden (perish the thought), what ten plants would you just have to take in the removal van?

Send in your selections,with pictures if you have them, to brian.hackett7@icloud.com

2020 – see what we did in the Lockdown year!

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