Harrogate Autumn Show 2017

The autumn show brought a well-deserved Silver-Gilt medal to the West Yorkshire Team. The switch to a circular stand worked very well and showed off the plants very well. The location was better than we have been given in previous years too – close to the main entrance of the Societies part Floral Pavilion.

The main theme was Persicarias, interlaced with many complementary hardy plants and the result drew many appreciative comments from Show-goers. Many commented on the fact that these were plants they could reasonably expect to grow in their own gardens, and how helpful it was to see what could be achieved ‘in real life’.

Judges’ comments indicated that the stand missed Gold only because they would have liked to have seen any bare soil covered in moss (why?) and they would have enjoyed more trailing plants hanging over the sides. All in all a very impressive performance by the team!

Here are some detail pictures of the stand, by Ruth Baumberg:

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