Newby Hall Gardens

A talk by Mark Jackson, Head Gardener of Newby Hall, was given on 9th February 2018.

‘Newby Hall Gardens’

The present design is largely attributable to the present owner’s grandfather, Major Edward Compton, who inherited Newby in 1921. Influenced by his friend Lawrence Johnston’s Hidcote Manor in Gloucestershire, Major Compton decided to create a main axis for the garden, running from the south front of the house right down to the River Ure. The axis consisted of double herbaceous borders flanked by double yew hedges, with a broad grass walk running down the middle. Off this he planned compartmented gardens of formal design, like rooms off the main passage of a house – each filled with plants to be at their best in different seasons – truly a ‘Garden for all Seasons’.

The management of the Gardens has been taken over by Mrs Lucinda Compton alongside Mark Jackson, Head Gardener.

Mark told us about the replanting of the herbaceous borders over a period of two years.

Newby Hall border 1
(Image courtesy of HPS image library)



Newby Hall border 2
(Image courtesy of HPS image library)

Spring at Newby Hall
(Image courtesy of Carine Carson)

Following this talk, one of our committee members visited the garden for the first time on 29 May. She kindly sent me some images of the garden in late spring / early summer.




Spring Walk at Newby Hall
(Image courtesy of Carine Carson)

Close up of Primula at Newby Hall
(Image courtesy of Carine Carson)






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