4 thoughts on “A Midsummer Day in Boston Spa

  1. Thank you so much Liz and Rosemary, I have really enjoyed the virtual tour around your gardens and all your detailed explanation of the planting. Well done Brian – a beautiful video.

    • Brian did us proud! Remember in the autumn if you need groundcover plants that I have plenty to spare. They are so good at the foot of deciduous shrubs.

  2. Sunshine! I’d almost forgotten what it is like. So lovely to see your gardens in the warmth of a sunny June day. I planted a Heptacodium in my garden about 20 years ago. It’s now 4m tall and wide. I hadn’t realised that they might be hard to track down. I’m now wondering how to propagate it.

  3. Hi. Am fascinated that you obtained the Heptacodium 20 years ago – you certainly were ahead of the game! You probably know all this but my understanding is that it came into the country in the form of 3 or 4 ‘sticks’ in a plastic bag! One went to John Sales and one to Arley Hall. I found mine at Daleside Nursery just outside Harrogate and it was pretty pot bound so I am hoping that now it is liberated it will romp away. I’ve no idea about the propagation: I would imagine just hardwood cuttings, but Daleside would surely be happy to have a chat about it.

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