Lockdown Gallery ’21- week 1

March 1st to March 7th

Well, we hoped it wouldn’t be needed, but spring ’21 is on the way and lockdown is still a part of our lives!

Over the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy sharing your garden pictures with fellow WYHPS members (and anyone else who wants to see them) until the day comes when we can visit each other’s gardens again.

Weather: Cold and dry

The Lockdown Gallery’s first contributor of the season is Amanda Fincham, who reminds us that snow was not so long ago!

Sue Gray steps up next

I’m delighted to welcome Ruth Baumberg to the ’21 Gallery. She brings some fine Hellebores – and the ultimate ‘Drop of Desire…a dimpled beauty!

There’s not much to see in the Hackett garden this week, but I’ve found a few early blooms

Maggie Sugden offers a strange looking snowdrop

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