Lockdown Gallery 21- week 4

March 22nd to March 29th

Well, we hoped it wouldn’t be needed, but spring ’21 is on the way and lockdown is still a part of our lives!

Over the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy sharing your garden pictures with fellow WYHPS members (and anyone else who wants to see them) until the day comes when we can visit each other’s gardens again.

Weather: High pressure continues for another cool, quiet week

Ann Fritchley leads the way this week, with a little help in pellet form

Sue Gray’s submission includes another little beauty from David Barnes’ garden

Ruth Baumberg says “Well Spring has duly sprung; lots in flower but Iris unguicularis is 5 months later than last winter! The primroses are seeding everywhere including the lawn edges.

Maggie Sugden has found a few more flowers for us this week too

And to round off week 4, Judi Barton has a mystery plant for us to identify. She says “I think I planted this but can’t remember where I got it … does anyone recognise this leaf which has persisted through winter. There are shoots emerging nearby. I wonder – could that be a hepatica?

Mystery leaf

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery 21- week 4

  1. Having seen the hepaticas in someone’s lockdown pics I think that is exactly what it is Brian. 🙂

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