Lockdown Gallery 21- week 8

April 19th to April 25th

Well, we hoped it wouldn’t be needed, but spring ’21 is here and lockdown is still a part of our lives!

Over the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy sharing your garden pictures with fellow WYHPS members (and anyone else who wants to see them) until the day comes when we can visit each other’s gardens again.

Weather: Continuing dry, but a little less cold, with fewer night frosts

Maggie Youdan says she is rather fond of tulips – it’s easy to see why…

Denise Dyson offers a nice selection of spring flowers, though she had to battle a very insistent (and very wrong) spellchecker to send the names to match

More from Maggie Sugden – her garden is nothing if not prolific!

Amanda Fincham has a handsome purple iris for you to name

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