Conservation scheme update February 2020

Our West Yorkshire group is fortunate in being an active member of the Conservation Scheme. We have 25 growers, two being newcomers in 2019, and a wide selection of plants from the Conservation List.

Chrysanthemum ‘Picasso’

Briefly, the aim of the scheme is to identify and preserve some of the plants in danger of being lost, for a variety of reasons. Members are relied on to suggest plants that might be of interest. These are then considered at the annual meeting of coordinators from HPS groups across the country. Growers will, hopefully, produce propagations from their plants and these are brought to this meeting, where the are redistributed to other groups.

Being a grower can be an interesting venture. A chance to obtain a free plant and observe how it grows in your garden. Success will allow propagation and a chance to share it with others. However, failure to thrive or loss of a plant does not mean disaster, but an opportunity to learn more about it and pass on that information.

A list of all the Conservation Plants is on the main HPS website. If you wish to try any plants on the list, please email me your requests at or see me at one of our meetings. I will be gathering a list by April 2020 to forward to the national group, to allow growers time to raise new stock for the annual September meeting.

Thank you to all our growers who provided a good selection of plants for the exchange in 2019. I hope 2020 will again be good growing season.

Jill Lister

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