Lockdown Gallery 21- week 5

March 29th to April 4th

Well, we hoped it wouldn’t be needed, but spring ’21 is here and lockdown is still a part of our lives!

Over the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy sharing your garden pictures with fellow WYHPS members (and anyone else who wants to see them) until the day comes when we can visit each other’s gardens again.

Weather: Starts very warm, but turns cool for the Easter weekend

Brian Denison sends a good selection for his first contribution of 2021

Judith Ladley is guarding her precious Trillium this week

Ruth Baumberg has a very unusual primrose

Here’s Liz Hall’s first pictures of the new season, taken, she says, between the showers!

Diane Rawnsley’s first showing includes some impressive Hepaticas and a selection of Hellebores

And there’s been a bit of sunshine in the Hackett garden this week – we don’t get much before the Equinox!

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