Lockdown Gallery 21- week 14

May 31stThis is, we hope, the last of the Lockdown Galleries as garden visiting returns in June. Many thanks to all who contributed this year and last!

Weather: Summer is here! Warm sunny days and no rain

Ruth Baumberg received identifications for the plants she asked about last week – the Narcissus was Pipit and the Geranium was G. tuberosum. She also has a fine Peony grown from seed to show us this week

Glenda Wray has some interesting plant combinations

Ann Fritchley says that everything in her garden has been watered and battered. Looks like it’s thriving though!

Liz Hall’s submission of beautiful Aquilegias is tinged with sadness. She has discovered that downy mildew is affecting some of her plants, so it may be the beginning of the end for her collection

Judith Ladley has a mystery for you to solve

Sue Gray asserts that Ladies of the Night do better in the rain…

Carine Carson joins the party very late – but not too late!

And finally, the Hackett garden is still looking decidedly scruffy after that iffy spring, but there are still a few blooms here and there

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Gallery 21- week 14

  1. Well done Brian, you have done a sterling job throughout all these lockdowns and have been there throughout – unlike some of us!!!! Oops that would be me!!!! Thank you so much for inspiring us all and I am sure we all enjoyed the images and, without being rude, hope we don’t have to resurrect lockdown gallery! Happy gardening everyone.

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