Lockdown Gallery – week 2

March 30 to April 5

Weather: The warm sunny days have disappeared. A cool and cloudy week with northerly winds

Pat Inman is our first contributor

Judy Barton’s garden is looking good

Lockdown Gallery – Week one

Here’s Maggie Youdan’s first contribution

Preston Harrison’s garden is rich in daffodils at the moment

Carine Carson has a new garden, which was due to be landscaped. Sadly C-19 means that the work is off for the time being, but she is making the most of what she has!

Cath Rochelle, new to the group, has plenty to be proud of:

One from the editor, Brian Hackett (or should that be Hacquet?)

Hacquetia epipactis

Also locked down in Massachusetts, Nette Bricker-Barrett is envious of our Yorkshire colour. She says “Oh my gosh, the HPS lockdown photos are amazing, beautiful flowers already!  Your members’ gardens must be weeks ahead of ours.  We have lots of dead-looking stuff with occasional evergreens in ours.”

Nette’s garden in North Andover, Massachusetts

Diane Rawnsley submitted the next batch. She says “We are enjoying the daffodils which we don’t normally see as we are usually away at this time of year….every cloud..

Judith Ladley sends us “My over-crowded front and back gardens, plus a plant which some people may not be familiar with: corydalis cheilanthefolia

John and Joyce Kenny have lots in bloom at Woodroyd, Denby Dale

Peter Williams offers these delights from his garden

Terry Benton is an HPS member from Wiltshire. Not only does he offer some fine flowers, but also a very impressive insect

Lockdown Gallery – week 1

March 23 to March 29

Weather: Our first week of isolation was dry and sunny, bringing out hardy planters as well as these blooms

Maggie Sugden is our first contributor

Next are some fine blooms from Kate van Heel’s garden

Joyce Kenny offers Pulmonaria ‘Erway Farm’. This is a conservation scheme plant that was originally distributed as P. ‘Netta Statham’, till Margaret Stone identified it. It’s now spreading across the garden.

Cath Rochelle is new to the West Yorkshire HPS, This is her garden on a lovely spring evening

A lovely evening – Friday of Lockdown Week One

Lockdown Gallery – Week 2

Plant of the Month: March

by Maggie Sugden

The illusive Iris ‘Katharine Hodgson’ (Reticulata).
Image courtesy of HPS Image Library

Like most gardeners spring is my favourite time of year, although I love all the seasons. Iris reticulata is one of the sweetest spring flowers and if grown in pots outside can flower very early. I dry the bulbs over the summer just in a pot in the greenhouse and in the autumn plant them out in pots. I keep trying new ones and sometimes have failures in fact I don’t seem to be able to grow Katharine Hodgkin at all.

Helleborus x hybridus white spotted.
Image Courtesy of HPS Image Library

Hellebore orientalis is propagated in great numbers nowadays and we are able to buy a wide variety of different colours. They are beautiful planted on a bank so you can see the centre of the flower but there are a lot being developed now with the flower facing upwards. I love them and have quite a few even though I have a small garden. While they are in flower I have a bowl full of their heads on display inside and it never fails to cheer me up through the bad weather. Happy gardening